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Where and when do I hold the session?

The most common location choices are park, woodsy areas or beach. I love shooting before the sunset in golden hour, when the light is softly beautiful and gives me an opportunity to get some creative images captured. If it’s not too late for my little clients, I usually schedule the session 1.5 hours before sunset.


Studio shoot is usually scheduled in the morning at my home studio.


What should I wear?

As simple as it sounds – pick the clothes that you really like and feel good in them. Choose a style that expresses your personality and that clothes you wearing make you feel comfortable and at ease. Pay attention to the colors that you think look the best with your skin tone, hair, etc. Avoiding large logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc is always recomended.
For family photos you want to complement each other’s outfits by choosing colors that work well together. I find that if everyone is wearing the same clothing, people will all tend to blend in together as there won’t be too much pop and life to the images. Coordinating works better that matching in this case. One option would be to start with one of the females – let’s say mom or a little girl, who will be wearing a patterned dress. For instance that dress has tones of coral, aqua, and lavander, then the rest of the family‘s clothing and accessories pulls colors from it, while keeping the rest of the outfits more simple and in solid softer/neutral tone colors.

Another great option is to pick 3-4 color combination and the run with it.  Add denim, and white as options and have a workable color pallet. Everyone would have on 2-3 of those colors (you don’t put all the colors on every person). Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in with solids, although use patterns sparingly. If one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern. I always suggest to ladies don’t be afraid to accessorize –  the more interesting looking you are, the more interesting looking your photos will be. The camera loves the added touch (a fun scarf, necklace, hat or hairband). Different textures look good in the photos – choose different ones that will give photos some interest such as lace, knits, corduroy, denim, etc. Layers are great too – not only will it provide more visual interest in each photo but it will also allows  more variety in your shots and poses (something like a little sweater or jacket can give you entirely different look)  If you prefer more neutral colors for classy look, I like the idea of having few colorful pops or try a softer pallet that has different tones of the same colors.


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