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My name is Egle. I am an artist, that fell in love with photography long time ago. The photographs have had a very strong emotional power on me since I was a little girl. I clearly remember that magical feeling I would experience while pouring my grandmothers albums. I would get drawn into the the stories and emotions behind those old photographs and I would want to relive them over and over again.  The seed was seeded and as far back as I remember photography was always part of my life.  My passion really blossomed after my children were born, and I wanted to learn more, to get better and continue to grow as an artist.

 As a photographer I always working to challenge myself with new ideas.  Anywhere I am, I am always studying the light, textures, my mind is constantly working how to create that perfect picture – it might sound crazy, but I love that! It all reflects in the style of my work, which  has somewhat of whimsy, soulful and  dreamy feel to it. Your family photo shouldn’t be just another snapshot, but rather a piece of art that is meant to be cherished for a lifetime. I enjoy customizing the session for your family’s personality, home design, or theme you might be interested in.  My goal is to offer you the session that translates into meaningful images that are worthy of displaying in your home. Life changes, your family changes before you know it.  Let’s capture it. Get in touch with me any time. 





I was born in Europe, in a small country by the Baltic see, called Lithuania. That’s where the origin of my name is. You can pronounce it as “egg-la” 

I am a mom of two beautiful children and a wife to a handsome redhead irish guy. 

Love hand made things, love decorating and make things pretty. A lot of  props I am using with my little clients are made by me. 

I grow my own organic garden every summer and find really relaxing digging that dirt

Bike ride, run, ski or tennis match – you easily would get me out off the house for those activities 

Chess match with my 10 years old – the best brain exercise in these afternoons. 

Can’t resist Nona’s toasted coconut ice-cream

Love morning coffee.. I love when it’s quiet, sunny and warm. 



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